El núcleo del Pez

I'm Sofia Novoa, an artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Under Pez Studio I've discovered a sanctuary for my artistic and creative expression, where the aesthetics that flow from within find their manifestation.

My work is a reflection of my devotion to the intrinsic aesthetics that reside in every human being and the courageous willingness to reinvent reality with each turn, forging new stories along the way.

The objective is to empower individuals, offering a diverse range of thoughtfully designed pieces that go beyond mere adornment, where the aesthetics come to life. It represents the fusion of diverse global influences that have imprinted their essence on my being.

Pez is a cultural embodiment, a testament to the richness of diversity and the aesthetics that arise from the fusion of different cultural influences. Each creation is an honest expression, evidence of the richness that arises from intertwining various elements.

These pieces are thoughtful, designed, and crafted with dedication and passion, rooted in an honest aesthetic that doesn't connect with perfection but rather with reality.

Each and every one of them has been designed and shaped by me, representing a universe.

Wear Pez studio jewellery to feel good, celebrating diversity and honesty. Each piece is unique, becoming essential moments in your life.